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How to Choose the Right Canoe

Read through the usage categories (below) and determine how you will use your canoe. Evaluate how important each type of usage is to you; note the icons that accompany these categories. Match the categories/icons that match your interests with the models listed at the right. Review the model specifications on the page indicated.

Day Touring

Paddling calm, open waters or gentle rivers. Includes activities such as bird watching, observing wildlife, and getting out with family and friends for fun and recreation. These canoes are versatile, stable, easy to handle and comfortable. Desirable characteristics include a symmetrical hull, wide beam, moderate length, and a spacious interior.

Quiet Water Touring

Exploration with loaded canoes on lakes and non-whitewater rivers. These canoes are seaworthy, reliable, and offer good capacity and good tracking with speed and efficiency. If frequent portages are planned, light weight is important. Desirable hull characteristics include a straight keel line for tracking, asymmetrical hull for speed, tumblehome for efficiency and flare for dryness.

River Touring

Exploration with loaded canoes on rivers, whitewater rivers, and ocean settings. These canoes ride over waves, maneuver well with good forward speed, and have a strong hull with predictable handling, all while carrying plenty of cargo. Desirable hull characteristics include durable construction, room for cargo, rocker for maneuvering, a seaworthy symmetrical hull, and flare for dryness.


Using a canoe as a tool to gain the sporting advantage for fishing, photography, or hunting. Sporting canoes offer stability, capacity, comfort, ease of handling, and durability. Hull characteristics should include a camouflage or stealthy appearance and a wide, spacious, shallow-V or broad shallow-arch hull.


Many of our canoes can handle whitewater up to Class III for touring, and river running: however, whitewater only canoes are specifically designed to excel in river running and playboating. Whitewater canoes place a premium on quickness, maneuverability, secondary stability, dryness and durability. Hull characteristics include relatively short length, construction in an appropriate material and pronounced rocker and flare. Rounded hulls provide excellent secondary stability and quick side-to-side maneuvering.

Explorer RX
Explorer KE
Explorer KG  
Explorer KL    
Revelation RX
Explorer 15 RX  
Guide RX  
Freedom RX  
Eclipse RX    
Malecite KE    
Malecite KG    
Malecite KL      
Malecite Special Edition    
Independence KE    
Independence KG    
Independence KL      
Destiny KE    
Destiny KL      
Horizon 17 RX    
St. Croix    
Tahoe 14 RX      
Tahoe 16 RX      
Lamoille KE      
Lamoille KL        
Horizon KE      
Horizon KL        
Outrage RX        
Outrage X RX        
Duck Hunter 14 RX  
Duck Hunter 16 RX
Duck Hunter 17 RX
Winooski KE      
Winooski KL      



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